Tuesday, August 02, 2005

This Week's Shopping List: August 3, 2005

And so the Great Mail Order Experiment begins.

When I decided to start back into collecting monthlies again, I made the decision to do mail order. When I last collected, I used the fantastic M&M and quite liked ordering specific issues through Previews, and then having everything show up at my door. I suppose it appeals to the anal-retentive in me. It's orderly and allows me to hop on and off titles at a whim. This time around, I researched a bit and decided to try mailordercomics.com. I was immediately impressed with their ordering interface, and then was even more pleased with their customer service when I had a few questions. I placed an order for August books with them, and was quite pleased.

Then I found the 2005 Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award Winning Night Flight Comics, and decided that it was possibly a criminal act to not support a comic shop that was this good. I've only being going there a few weeks, but I'll miss heading down Wednesday. There are still a few issues I'll be picking up there this month, so I'll make a few stops. The round trip is too long to make for three or four titles, though. So I'll be saving a few of these titles for pickup next week, and anxiously awaiting the rest in my first shipment from mailordercomics.com.

I hear there are mad happenings afoot in Firestorm, so this was a sudden add to my pull list and will be waiting at Night Flight. Though I love Phil Jimenez, The Return Of Donna Troy really fell apart quickly for me and is only on the list because I pre-ordered it before reading a single issue (which is the biggest peril of mail order). Justice looks like quite a bit of fun, as I like the idea of an Alex Ross Superfriends. Superman should be an interesting piece of the Infinite Crisis puzzle, and Gotham Central really hooked me last issue. I just re-read 1602, so I'm all ready for 1602: New World .... though the drop-off in the creative team leaves me unsure of what to expect. Though I probably won't pick it up this week, New Avengers is probably my most anticipated title, as I'm interested to see where Bendis is going after last issue's shock ending.

  • DC Special The Return Of Donna Troy #3
  • Firestorm #16
  • Gotham Central #34
  • JSA #76
  • Justice #1
  • Superman #220
  • Intimates #10
  • Daredevil Father #1 Directors Cut
  • Fantastic Four House Of M #2
  • Iron Man House Of M #2
  • Marvel 1602 New World #1
  • New Avengers #8



Ryan X said...

I heard you were an Aggie? I am class of 94, you?

Mark Fossen said...

Nope. Not me. :)

Kevin said...

How are you liking the new art team on Superman? I really like Benes, I've liked his stuff in Supergirl and Birds of Prey. I guess he's taking a month off though since he's only doing the cover for #220.

Do you not follow Batman? This month is the War Games follow up. I'm looking forward to that.

Mark Fossen said...

This Sacrifice crossover is the first of the Superman books I've bought since coming back ... so I didn't even know Benes was "new". I like it OK (seems a bit Image-y to me), but really dig what little Kerschl I've seen. I was disappointed that he didn't do all the art in Adventures this past month.

Batman ... dude, I'm just looking for a way in. :) Either it's the near-end of Lapham's arc, or the middle of the Red Hood stuff, or now a crossover that's just a followup to an old crossover I haven't read. I'm hoping for a jumping-on point, and am anxiously awaiting confirmation of the Morrison/Kubert Detective rumors. All I'm reading in the Bat-Family now is Gotham Central.

Shane Bailey said...

As time moves on I keep getting closer and closer to just breaking down and going mail order. I haven't yet and mainly restrict my mail order purchases to trades and small press books.

Mark Fossen said...

The problem with mail-order, Shane, is that "mail" part. :)

Now it's new comics day, and I won;t see anything until Friday or Saturday (hopefully). part of the fun, for me, in comics is the communality of it in the Interweb Age. It's fun to discuss is, read blogs, etc ....

Shane Bailey said...

Well what I'm actually thinking about doing is putting everything except for the main big two books on mailorder. That way I'll get my smaller Marvel, DC, Image, and small press books all together, but I can still get my weekly fix if I feel like it. If I can't make it to the store that day, I can still get those big selling books just about anywhere.

zilla said...

mark since i'm starting mailordercomics the exact same time as you (i'm also waiting on my august order this week) let's keep in touch w/ how this goes for us individually... i got weekly shipping despite the cost - you?

i've already gotten my first bad taste from mailorder - there are a couple of comics i'll be getting down the line that i now know i no longer want... ugh.

zilla said...

PS sorry ryan - maybe it was kurt (from return to comics) that was the aggie? i've met so many great people since i've been back i mix up their minor details sometimes ;) sorry MF!

so who is that damn cow-pie slingin' aggie???

Mark Fossen said...

Zilla ...

Yeah. I paid for the fastest weekly shipping as well. I know it will get here two days from when it ships ... but I don't know whan it ships.

zilla said...

i think what mike told me is they ship it on friday's (follwing the wed release) so we prob get them on tuesdays - almost a week behind. we'll have to see how this experiment plays out...