Tuesday, August 30, 2005

This Week's Shopping List: August 31, 2005

I seem to be falling into a blogging pattern, and it seems to involve skipping Mondays. It's often a hectic workday, but I really need to try and do something about that. In the draft stage now is a post on Smoke, one on the minicomics I just purchased from Sara Ryan and Steve Lieber, and something on Top 10, which I am reading in it's entirety for the first time. I'm reading the second trade now (the first issue in there, Issue 8, goes on my very short list of comics that made me cry), and have the reportedly excellent The Forty-Niners waiting.

My mailordercomics.com experience is just wrapping up, but many of this week's books will be coming from them. With gas prices being what they are, I need to think about putting off my weekly trip to 2005 Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award Winning Night Flight Comics. But with the likes of Astonishing X-Men, Young Avengers, and New Avengers needing to be picked up there ... I may not be able to resist.

It looks to be a darned good week on the racks. Shining Knight is my least favorite of the Seven Soldiers, but it'll be the first one to end and should provide some clues as to the overall structure of the maxiseries. I feel like I'm still waiting for Astro City to kick into gear, but last issue's splash page finale promises that things will heat up (no pun intended). The Sacrifice arc should see some wrapup in Wonder Woman as Infinite Crisis keeps taking shape. Obviously, I loved the last issue of JLA Classified, and I'm just hoping we see some more of Perry and Lois. Green Lantern falls squarely in the "wish I hadn't preordered this" camp, and is on it's last chance. Captain America fills me with ambivalence: I live the series, and can't wait to see where this new arc goes ... but I know that the arc is interrupted next issue for a House Of M story. In a weird confluence of lateness, this will be the first issue of Young Avengers that's come out since my return to monthly comics. I quite like the series so far, and it's definitely this week's Most Anticipated Book.

  • Astro City The Dark Age #3
  • Flash #225
  • Green Lantern #4
  • JLA Classified #11
  • Seven Soldiers Shining Knight #4
  • Silent Dragon #2
  • Solo #6
  • Wonder Woman #220
  • Astonishing X-Men #12
  • Captain America Vol 5 #9
  • Daredevil Father #2
  • Marvel 1602 New World #2
  • New Avengers #9
  • Young Avengers #6
  • BPRD The Black Flame #1


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