Tuesday, August 09, 2005

This Week's Shopping List: August 10, 2005

I have been remiss in my Totality-ness the past few days. The delay in mail ordering books threw me off (I got last week's books yesterday), and it's also been hectic at my other internet home, Operation Sports. For those who are blissfully unawares of the sports gaming calendar, Madden 06 was released today. And that means traffic and trouble on the discussion forums of a scale that make the Bendis! Boards look sedate. I also just reread It's a Good Life, If You Don't Weaken and am utterly speechless ... or typeless, is it were. I relish the challenge of trying to write praise for good books, but I don't even know what to say about Seth's masterpiece. Where do you start with something that great?

I'm looking forward to my trip to 2005 Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award Winning Night Flight Comics tomorrow. Not only will getting away from rabid sports gamers be a treat, but I've quite a bit this week that's not going through my mailordercomics.com preorder. There are a lot of great books this week. The fact that I'll be getting new Ellis, Millar, and Morrison all on one week makes me .... tingle ... in certain places. Though Iron Man, Ultimate Fantastic Four and a new Seven Soldiers will be dancing like sugarplums through my head tonight, the book of the week for me is the Ultimates Annual as I love the series, and a double-sized portion of Millar with a side of Steve Dillon just sounds unbeatable. I'm also really looking forward to Winter Men, with a great post-Cold War concept and the always fantastic John Paul Leon on art. JLA continues to deal with Identity Crisis fallout, and there are a few new episodes of the lead-in miniseries. Thanks to a timely eBay purchase, I caught up with Captain America, and am thoroughly impressed with what Brubaker's doing. I'll also probably scan the manga rack again while I'm there. Uzumaki's on the way from Amazon, but I want something now.

  • Action Comics #830
  • Adam Strange Planet Heist TP
  • JLA #117
  • Outsiders #27
  • Rann Thanagar War #4
  • Seven Soldiers Zatanna #3
  • Villains United #4
  • Winter Men #1
  • Captain America Vol 5 #8
  • House Of M #5
  • Iron Man Vol 4 #4
  • Incredible Hulk #85
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four #22
  • Ultimates Annual #1
  • Concrete Vol 1 Depths TP



zilla said...

how is madden 06? i'm picking up mine for the GC (or Xbox) this weekend... the cowboys any good (esp curious about julius jones and ware?)

Mark Fossen said...

Madden is .... OK. Though I buy madden every year, I've been more a fan of the ESPN NFL series lately. But madden's doing some good stuff this year - the passing cone is fun, as is Superstar - and the physics generally feel a bit better.

The 'Boyz are in the low 70's. Ware seems a stud (he picked me off last night), but I never saw Jones get on track against me. I was stacking the run though (with the Eagles), so maybe I just shut him down.

Shane Bailey said...

I'm a fan of the ESPN NFL series too, but it's not like you have much choice now as EA snapped up the NFL rights.

Mark Fossen said...

Actually, there's been a lot of fan activity to update ESPN NFL for this season. Rosters and even a way to edit the 06 schedule into the game. I just couldn't resist Madden ... it's habit by now.

The ESPN updates work really well, though - a way to get another year out of a $20 game is great with me! Check out the forums at www.operationSports.com if you want details, and/or send me a PM there.