Thursday, August 25, 2005

TangognaT's Manga Giveaway!

I’ve been feeling like my karma is somehow lacking, because many lovely bloggers have sent me comics recently and I’ve done nothing in return. So instead of offering to knit the internet a nice winter scarf or hat, I’m going to see if anyone wants some free manga! All of the titles I’m offering below are the first volumes of a series, so if you’ve been wanting a jumping on point to sample some manga, this could be your opportunity!

TangognaT is giving away manga, and I know a few readers of this blog have yet to dip their foot in the manga pool. One giant lizard, in particular. Although encouraging more entries merely hurts my chances ... go enter, people! Manga is good. Free manga, I can only asume, would be exponentially better.

The gererosity of people like TangognaT and Dave at Yet Another Comics Blog shames me. I'm only back in comics a few months now, so don't have the extras around to "pay it forward". I hope to one day.


Ragnarok said...

hey im big inot anime and manga wot free stuff can u give meh to help meh on meh collection?

Ragnarok said...

hey im a big fan of anime and manga wot free stuff can u give meh to help meh start up meh collection?