Friday, July 29, 2005

Double Articulation on "Mighty Marvel Metafiction"

My reading of this phenomenal metafictional issue has been moving outwards from the centre, into increasing degrees of abstraction. I’d like to take it one further degree: from the hybrid nature of comic book form, to the hybrid nature of comic book storytelling and creativity, to the hybrid, paradoxical nature of art as such. As always, the Impossible Man is glue that holds it all together.

There may be people who think something like the above is too academic for plain ol' comic books. And if it were to apply to comics, we'd be in the realm of Spiegelman or Eisner or other acknowledged favorites of the intelligentsia. But this is just a brilliant appreciation of a Thomas/Perez Fantastic Four from the mid-80s. Double Articulation constantly has some of the most intelligent comics commentary I'm reading right now, and this is one of Jim Roeg's best.

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