Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Comic Bloggers' Poll Winners Announced!

Head Ye On Over to the Comic Bloggers' Poll 2005 for the announcement of results from this wonderful project. The turnout was good, but I suspect could have been higher. Thanks for creating and running this, Chris.

I never posted a "Best Of 2005", with the full intent of making my voice heard through the Poll. Now that it's up, here are my votes (there were 10 points available to distribute in each category), representing what I thought were the highlights of the year I returned to comics:

Best Writer - Morrison clearly achieved a mandate here, and is now free to do what he wants for 4 years ... or something like that.

  • Grant Morrison (2)
  • Warren Ellis (2)
  • Ed Brubaker (1)
  • Joe Casey (1)
  • Allan Heinberg (1)
  • Mark Millar (1)
  • Kurt Busiek (1)
  • Gail Simone (1)

Best Artist
- Frank Quitely wins in a landslide, but is off my list completely. It wasn't oversight, and it wasn't bad taste. I just felt that a lot of other artists had done work of both quality and quantity, and Quitely had produced the end of We3 and one issue of All-Star Superman.
  • J.H. Williams III (3)
  • Frazer Irving (2)
  • Steve Epting (2)
  • Bryan Hitch (1)
  • Phil Jimenez (1)
  • Noel Tuazon (1)

Best Ongoing Title
- The top of my list looks largely like the winning votes, so my HIVEMIND membership holds up for another year. Whew. And that fact that you have a tie between Batman and Optic Nerve ... that tickles me in ways I thought I could not be tickled.
  • All-Star Superman(2)
  • Desolation Jones(2)
  • Young Avengers(2)
  • Fell(1)
  • Captain America(1)
  • Godland(1)
  • Gotham Central(1)

Best Mini-Series or One-Shot - I'm sure you were not surprised at my vote, but I wish it had gotten more love from the blogosphere denizens. Where is the love, people?

  • Elk's Run(4)
  • Klarion(1)
  • Ultimates, Vol. 2(1)
  • Local(1)
  • Seven Soldiers #0 (1)
  • Zatanna(1)
  • Smoke(1)

Best Original Graphic Novel - I will not be suprised to see Scott at the top of the 2006 vote, as this was we should get at least one volume of Pilgrimatic goodness before the year expires.
  • Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World(6)
  • Top 10: The Forty-Niners(4)

Best Collection of Previously Printed Material - A strange category, as it's hard to separate the content from the presentation. I also restricted myself to collections I had read as collections. And yes, I managed a dual-category pimp of Elk's Run.

  • Yotsuba&!, Vol. 1 (5)
  • Demo(2)
  • Elk's Run Bumper Edition(1)
  • Absolute Crisis on Infinite Earths(1)
  • Absolute Watchmen(1)


Greg said...

You should know I give the love to Elk's Run as well, so some of it was from me. I was under the impression that they counted up points rather than just a vote, so you should have just given all your points to Elk's Run, thereby artificially increasing its count. You know, like Republicans do! (Sorry, that was cheap.)

Jason said...

I'm with you on the Quietly thing, I don't understand how he could be considered one of the best artists of the year - surely body of work needs to be considered as well. I love his art, I'll buy anything with his name on it, but I wouldn't vote him as standout talent over the course of an entire year.

Jason said...

And, of course, I meant Quitely and not the Microsoft bastardization of the name.