Friday, January 06, 2006

Focused Linkblogging

I made a mini-resolution to lighten up on the linkblogging, and save time for writing things.

Resolutions are made to be broken.

  • In the "New To The Blogroll" Dept:
    • A Little Off The Top: Another compatriot from Operation Sports has moved his writing to the wider blogosphere. It's mainly for the sports-inclined, but if you're like me and can mix your comics and football, you might enjoy it. Clay's one of my writing inspirations - he has a flow and a conversational ease which I can't seem to muster.

    • Written World: If there's a plus to the recent controversy about how unfriendly the industry is to women (which, frankly, seems like an extended debate over the blueness of sky), it is the wonderful blogs I've found. Ragnell's wickedness is great, but it's posts like this that really stand out.

    • Pretty, Fizzy Paradise and Mortlake on the Schuylkill and When Fangirls Attack ... this is fun. Frankly, I've got the 30-something suburban straight white guy who slightly over-intellectualizes comics thing down. Reading these blogs makes me excited about blogging all over again.

  • Oh ... something besides blogroll book-keeping? How about the great-idea-ness of David Welsh's MangaTrade? I still need to sign up, but I have precious little manga and very little of that precious little is stuff I'll part with willingly. I am going to see what's tradebait get trading soon, though.

  • How about great interviews with two of my favorite comic creators? Joshua Hale Fialkov and Bryan Lee O'Malley spill the beans in rambling interviews, which are the best kind.

  • My resolution had nothing to do with writing comics ... but Jason tempts like the Devil, don't he?

  • I think I have my vote set for the Comic Bloggers' Poll 2005, but I'm letting it sit over the weekend so I don't have a "Oh no, I forgot that?" moment 15 seconds after I submit. If you are eligible, please join in the fun. Rock the vote, and all ....



James Meeley said...


Perosnally, I think your resolution to not linkblog as much was a pretty bad on to make.

As long as there's lots of great discussions going one about comics, denying yourself the ability to bring the thoughts here for further discussion just seems silly.

Personally, I'm glad you broke that resolution. Your blog will be all the better for it. :)

kalinara said...

Thank you for the link! I'm glad you've enjoyed my blog! :-)