Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Focused Linkblogging

  • Ah. Now the shoe is on my other foot, as it were. After being taken to task by Uncle Lar, now some guy named Aaron McKenna is ripping into my other writing pursuit in "The Pointlessness of Current Videogame Journalism":

    Why this sudden wave of self loathing and revulsion? ... Well I've just been a bit late coming to the conclusion that the formulaic, child-minded writing-for-the-lowest-common-marketing-denominator style that encapsulates 99% of the mainstream videogame press is a load of crap.

    You'll note that I am not calling bullshit on this one.

  • Ragnell busts out one of the best readings of Bulleteer I've yet seen.

  • The first issue of Fell is now available for online reading at Newsarama. I like Fell. I really do.

  • I just received my winnings from Love Manga's wonderful Advent Competition. On Day 19, I won Paul Gravett's Manga : 60 Years of Japanese Comics. It's a beautiful volume, and I look forward to reading it. Thanks, David!

  • The latest ember-to-flame in the "Women In Comics" debate has provided some fine, personal, heartfelt writing that I encourage you to read: Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog, What a Girl Wants #14, Comics Worth Reading (and here), Written World, The Beat and many others I've not saved links from. Why? Because it's a conversation that moves past nattering about the industry and moves to the cost that's paid by the creators. Discussing the misogyny of the superhero genre is one thing, but the misogyny of the industry is something else entirely. People are hurt, and outrage is the only response. Sexual harassment is by no means limited to comics ... but that doesn't mean it has to be accepted and tolerated. There are wonderful and brilliant people on all sides of the fence in this industry, and one would hope that moral force can weed out the kind of troglodyte that preys upon women using their position and power. I don't want to be ashamed of comics, I want to be proud of them.

  • My vote for the Comic Bloggers' Poll 2005 is in. Is yours?


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