Wednesday, January 04, 2006

This Week's Releases: January 5, 2006

Another post-holiday week, another Thursday "New Comics Day". This brings us to the first releases of 2006, and I can officially start crossing my "t"s and dotting my "i"s on my votes in the Comic Bloggers' Poll 2005. 2006's first trip to 2005 Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award Winning Night Flight Comics will be a light pick-up, as I'm trying to trim my list a bit.

What am I trimming from this week's list that I might otherwise have bought? Jonah Hex is going ... I want to support a Western, but Hex is nothing more than competent. Down isn't doing much for me, and I have no real desire to see it through. Superman/Shazam: First Thunder is sure pretty ... but it's been months and months since the last issue, and I'd rather wait for the trade at this point. The first issue of Marvel Zombies was a hoot, but it's self-contained, so why not wait for the trade? I may have some of these on my pull list, but if so they will be the last of these series I'm picking up.

Yes, before you ask: I realize the hypocrisy. I realize I am dismissing titles that are of demonstrably better quality than some of those I'm picking up. I make no argument that Superman is a better comic than Jonah Hex. I am, however, enjoying the shared universe puzzle of Infinite Crisis. I feel like picking up these tie-ins works the way it's supposed to, as themes and plotlines are repeated and developed like so many leitmotifs.

Or at least that's how I rationalize it.

All these tie-ins aside, the book that I'm most anticipating this week is the third installment of Matt Wagner's Batman And The Monster Men. More Seven Soldiers is a great way to kick off 2006, and Godland and Ellis' Iron Man will also provide New Year's fun.

  • Batman And The Monster Men #3
  • Day Of Vengeance Infinite Crisis Special
  • Gotham Central #39
  • JSA #81
  • Outsiders #32
  • Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein #2
  • Superman #225
  • Teen Titans #31
  • Godland #6
  • Iron Man Vol 4 #5



Shane Bailey said...

I thought you might be anticipating the new issue of Batman and the Monster Men. You were the one to get me to pick up that book in the first place. I was going to pass on it. Damn you making me spend all my money! :)

Actually it's been a damn good read and I'm glad you convinced me to pick it up. Thanks.

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Agreed! Wagner's got a winner there. I've enjoyed Joe Casey's work on GI Joe and the new Iron Man mini, so I'm more and more tempted to check out Godland now that it seems like it's going to be around for a little while.

Mark Fossen said...

It's amazing how, now that Matt Wagner's fulfilled what I wanted from All-Star Batman ... I'm just not that concerned with the internet debate over what Miller and Lee are doing. i think a lot of that fire's fuel is dashed expectations.

You're not reading Godland? Guy, you should be ashamed of yourself.

That said, you might hold off a few weeks. January should see a TPB collecting #1-6 coming out the same day as issue #7. A perfect jumping-on point.