Tuesday, July 19, 2005

2005 Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award

Will Eisner
Spirit of Comics
Retailer Award

2005 Recipient:
Mimi Cruz and Alan Carroll
Night Flight Comics
Salt Lake City, UT

I haven't blogged about the San Diego Comic-Con, or about the Eisners. But in reading Tom Spurgeon's hilarious recap of the ceremony, the retailer award popped out at me. I must've glazed over the other 300 times I've read the list of Eisner Award Winners, because I hadn't noticed that Night Flight Comics won! This is my new regular comics shop, and I've blogged about it the past few weeks. I've dropped the idea of mail order, and will start doing all my business there in September, accepting the 2 hour round trip because it's simply a fantastic store: Helpful and knowledgeable staff, excellent stock that covers both indy and the mainstream, a pleasant layout, community involvement, and a fantastic location in Library Square.

Can it be a coincidence that last Wednesday I set up my pull list, and a few days later, it receives the "Spirit of Comics Retailer Award"?

Well .... of course it's a coincidence.

But it's still pretty cool! Congratulations to Night Flight Comics!


Kurt said...

Two hours? Man, I gripe about the guy who's 20 minutes from me.

I'll be honest Mark, if I'm driving two hours to get my books they better be giving out gas coupons and Stan the Man himself better be ringing me up. You're an animal.

Mark Fossen said...

What's crazier is that there is a place about 20 minutes from me. I just feel that good shops need to be supported. Night Flight does things right ... and the local-er one doesn't. I could continue with mailordercomics.com - they've been great so far - but I just think that sometimes you gotta put your money where your mouth is.

zilla said...

mark is supporting your good local LCS why you dropped mailordercomics? i haven't recieved my first shipment from them yet (should in early august) but i'm hoping i'm not too far "behind" by using mail order.

Mark Fossen said...

Yeah, Zilla. I'll start getting shipments from mailordercomics.com in August, as well. They've been exemplary so far when I've had questions, though.

But to fill in until August, I've been hitting Night Flight. And I realized that they're just so good, they deserve my money. I really like they way they do things, and supporting the people who do things right is one way to help the industry. I'm at least going to try, and we'll see just how wearing that weekly trip becomes.

Erin "Ex-Machine-A" Wachs said...

Hey There – I couldn’t help myself so I am butting in! I work at Night Flight (the Cottonwood Store) and I have to say, I totally agree with Mark! Not only because Mark must be a wonderful, intelligent and great person, but because after nine years of working there I realize that our store is great.
I started collecting comics at Night Flight at sixteen and began working there at eighteen. Now that I have worked at Night Flight for so long I realize that it is not only the place I get my weekly fix at, but also it is a home away from home. Mimi and Al and the staff are a family. It is a place to go enjoy some good times and good comics in one place!
I promise you that if you come in on a Wednesday or Friday night at the Cottonwood Mall your experience will be hilarious, helpful, and most of all, filled with comics and people who know them. I mean - it is not only because I work those nights, but also because the store is that good and has the comic book resources for any person. The Cottonwood Mall store is not only the original, but also the hottest one! (Umm, not only because most of us Chicks work there, but because we have no air conditioner! Fans BABY!!)
Congrats to Mimi and Al and all the staff. It has been my utmost pleasure to work with all of you – well except Danny, because he sucks and little brothers are a pain in the ass! Remember to keep all your midgets and monkeys close and hope to see you soon at Night Flight!!

Wes Chipman said...

Erin is absolutly right. Night Flight is a home a away from. It's a family and I have continued to work there one day a week for the past eleven years because the employees there care. They care about the customers, comics and each other. Everyone there rocks. I owe Mimi and Al so much, as well as others like Erin. There is not enough thank yous I could say to convey what I feel.

By the way Danny it is a pleasure working with you. Don't listen to Erin cause sisters don't know crap.

Everyone else come in on Sunday and say hi.

Mark Fossen said...

Erin and Wes, thanks for stopping by. I have yet to visit the Cottonwood store, believe it or not. I've yet to meet Mimi, Al, or any of you. My experience has been with the fantastic Mike, and the two Sunday guys (whose names I did not catch, but had a Morrison talk with them).

You all should be proud - I've moved around a lot and have shopped at three of the first five winners of the award (Moondog's, Comic Relief, Dr. Comics & Mr. Games) and think you guys are the best. Just the sheer audacity of a comic store right there in the middle of Library Square makes me smile.

Erin "Jiggly Poof" Wachs said...

Hey - Thanks Mark - I take that as a personal compliment. I love "my" store and you really need to meet the rest of us. Wes and I are veterans and Danny, my little bro, is awesome and I like to give him lots of crap. You know, family! Lucas and Taylor work, sometimes with Danny, and those are extremely entertaining days. Theresa came back, she worked for a little while and had to leave, but is now back in “pog form.” Ummm … Josh and Armando are the Sunday guys you were referring to and are very cool and Mike always holds a special place in my black heart. Mimi is super cool and Al is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Mike Lindsay is new and awesome. He is also a traitor and moved to the downtown store – so be careful of his shifty ways! Stop by the cool place, we always like to see a new face on our shifts. I would also like to point out to Danny – that even though your beau of the week, Wes, might be defending your honor now, remember, Wes has a lot of other men on the side and won’t protect you forever!! Did you have to bribe him with tickets to the Gun Show?!