Wednesday, July 13, 2005

This Week's Shopping List: July 13, 2005

Heck of a week, here. That's why I'll be making the 2 hour round trip to Night Flight Comics again. I called my local place, asking when I could get there to actually find copies on the shelf, and it was explained that they just don't order any extras on most titles. I understand the finances of running a shop ... but that just seems off. There's always interesting debate on what makes a good comic shop. I'd like to humbly submit that stocking some comics is a good start.

In any other week, All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder would be the obvious top pick. Or Serenity, as I'm a huge fan of Firefly and so is my wife. Or Desolation Jones, as I'm a whore for Ellis, especially his creator-owned work. Or the start of Mark Millar's Ultimate Fantastic Four run, which sounds just like the sort of high-concept sci-fi fun that suits the team best. And there's more Seven Soldiers, the "Sacrifice" plotline in Action Comics, and the "Crisis of Conscience" arc in JLA.

But this week's real top book? The Boy Who Lived, of course. Preordered from Amazon, and Saturday can't come soon enough.

  • Action Comics #829
  • All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder #1
  • Desolation Jones #
  • JLA #116
  • Rann Thanagar War #3
  • Seven Soldiers Guardian #3
  • Wonder Woman #218
  • Green Arrow #52
  • New Avengers #7
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four #21
  • Serenity #1
  • Smoke #2


zilla said...

mark - w/ all the swirling hype i've been wanting to jump ont a FF4 title - is the ultimate at a good point? also - i too have mr. potter on pre-order from amazon - only question is whether my wife will snatch it up to read first :)

Mark Fossen said...

Yeah -

Ultimate Fantastic Four #21 (coming out today) is the start of Mark Millar's run on the title, so it should be a good place to start. And the first 18 issues are available in trade, so if you want to go back, they are available easily.

I know my wife will get Harry Potter first ... I seriously contemplated ordering two copies.