Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Pimpin': Dave's Long Box

Nothing wakes one up in the morning like spurting hot black coffee out one's nose due to laughing at passages like this:

As Annie and Phantom Sylvia dive for cover, notice that the bound Balder the Brave talks shit from the sidelines. "Thee shall ne'er tame my fiery steed, mud-thing!" Not only is that darn rude, but I think it's grammatically incorrect. I may not be up on my Olde English, but I'm pretty sure it's "Thou shall ne'er tame my fiery steed..." I could be wrong about that, but regardless of how you say it, I'm pretty sure it's impossible IF YOUR MOUTH IS GAGGED! Yes, the communication between writer and artist(s) breaks down even further as Balder utters dialogue despite having his mouth gagged.

One of my favorite comic blogs is the snarky joy of Dave's Long Box. Dave's been a bit light on the sarcasm lately, but seems back in fine form with his two-parter on Thor #499. Follow these finely crafted homemade links to Part The First and Part The Second.

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