Wednesday, July 06, 2005

This Week's Shopping List: July 7, 2005

I'm bloody tired of heading to my local comic shop, only to find that I can't fill half my want list. I understand that shops need to cut it tight, but there should be a few copies of major releases still around in the afternoon of release day, right? I'm not talking about obscure items, either. I'm talking about Fantastic Four and OMAC and Green Lantern and the like being unavailable at 3:30 in the afternoon. I'll be starting mail order in August (with MailOrderComics) and have been supplementing with Midtown to fill the gaps, because I'm lucky if the local shop has even one or two books I'm expecting each week.

But today, I'm treating myself to a trip to the best comic store I've found in these parts: Night Flight Comics. They have a great location in downtown Salt Lake City, in the brand-new library complex. Most festivals are held here, and this comic store is right in the middle it. Far from your typical hole in the wall, this shop boasts excellent stock, pleasing layout, and intelligent and informative staff. It's family-friendly, and just an overall great place. The 45 minute (or more) one-way drive isn't something I can see myself doing every Wednesday, hence the mail order route.

And on my trip to Night Flight Comics? What will I be purchasing, you ask? Well, it sure is a crossover-heavy week, ain't it? I'm looking forward to House Of M #3, as I can't wait to see the internet break in half.

  • Gotham Central #33
  • DC Special The Return Of Donna Troy #2 (Infinite Crisis)
  • Superman #219 (Infinite Crisis)
  • Villains United #3 (Infinite Crisis)
  • Fantastic Four House Of M #1 (House Of M)
  • House Of M #3 (House Of M)
  • Incredible Hulk #83 (House Of M)
  • Iron Man House Of M #1 (House Of M)
Since Night Flight often has recent issues available, I will also look for some Solo and some of the Busiek/Nord Conan.


zilla said...

i'm with you mark. i got most of what i wanted on my list today (but Defenders #1 was mysteriously absent and no one there seemed to know about it), but that's def an anomoly (sp?). I'm also starting in august - are you getting bi-weekly or every week or what (in terms of delivery?).

Kevin said...

I understand the frustration with local shops. If I don't have the comics on my pull list, I'm not gonna find them there. Luckily I do have another comic shop just a block down from the one with my box, they usually have a great selection left on the shelf. I just don't like going in there because I think they know I only use them for special comics not on my pull list. Of course, why would they care, if I was a customer of theirs, they'd have to give me a discount :)

I bet if I did mail order comics, I would probably save some money though. I seem to always pick up more comics when I go to the store and they do happen to have something left on the shelf :S

Mark Fossen said...

I'm doing weekly shipments, Zilla ... by Priority Mail. I'm one impatient mofo. I also enjoy mailorder because I like ordering specific things from Previews. I hop on and off titles as creative teams change, or due to storylines.

My trip today was a success! They had everything ... plus a complete set of Identity Crisis! So I picked that up, since it looks like my eBay was a scam (when the person won't respond to email for a week ... you know you're in trouble).

Ryan X said...

This is Ryan (the latest Noob), we were "Introduced" on Zilla's blog. Anyway, I saw on your blog today that you live in SLC? I grew up in Sandy. I started collecting comics at Comics Utah in an area of town I can't remember the name now, Highlands? Anyway, my dad used to pick up my pull list every week after work and I would go to the store on weekends. I once convinced my dad to buy Silver Surfer #1 for me for $35.00, good buy since it is worth quite a bit more than that now. Anyway sorry for the walk down memory lane...but all my childhood memories are from the Beehive State. Take care, looking forward to being a part of the club.

Mark Fossen said...

I live out in Eagle Mountain ... about 20 minutes outside of Lehi/American Fork. Just moved here about a year and a half ago.

Comics Utah was in Highlands? Was it in Cottonwood Mall? That's one of Night Flight's locations ... I wonder if the two are related?

I wish I lived in SLC ... I'd make Night Flight my LCS, but just can't deal with a weekly 2 hour round trip.

Ryan X said...

Well that was back in the mid-80s. It was a standalone shop on Highland blvd I believe. Doubt it is there anymore. Never shopped comics at Cottonwood Mall. I used to climb in AF canyon a lot, not sure how close that is to where you live. I understand the whole SLC area suburbs have just exploded.