Tuesday, November 08, 2005

This Week's Shopping List: November 9, 2005

It is going to be a light week when I head down to 2005 Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award Winning Night Flight Comics tomorrow. There's at least a few books I'm really looking forward to, a large "definite maybe list", and I may just take advantage of a light week and invest in a TPB or so. Push Man and Wimbledon Green are both calling softly to me with melodious voices.

Now that namechecking Seth and Tatsumi establishes my indie cred, allow me to "push comics backwards" by giving cover honors to Infinite Crisis as my most anticipated book this week. I was going to make a Friday trip this week, but the presence of this book is what to me to juggle the finances, clear the decks and make sure I can get there tomorrow. Brian Wood's DMZ looks mighty tasty, though. Steve Lieber is doing Gotham Central this month, which make what could be an odd Crisis tie-in a "must buy".

On the "definite maybe list" is the second issue of Book Of Lost Souls, Decimation: House Of M: The Day After, Michael Chabon Presents: Adventures Of The Escapist and the Fantastic Four Wedding Special. That is a wildly varying definition of "maybe", ranging from wanting to support creators I enjoy (Colleen Doran, Karl Kesel) to rubbernecking the car-wreck of Decimation. Escapist is the one I'm most unsure of: I loved The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, but am not sure how to justify a nine dollar 80-pager that begins a multi-part story ... especially when I could spend a buck more and get an extra 480 pages with Showcase Presents: Superman.

  • Action Comics #833
  • DMZ #1
  • Gotham Central #37
  • Infinite Crisis #2
  • JLA #122
  • Teen Titans #29
  • Book Of Lost Souls #2
  • Decimation: House Of M: The Day After
  • Fantastic Four Wedding Special
  • Michael Chabon Presents: Adventures Of The Escapist #8



Kevin said...

I love the cover you have posted for IC #2. I like all the different panes from over the years. DC is killing me with those double covers since I like to get them both. I've read where you don't do it, but they get the money out of me.

So did you give up on Green Lantern? I haven't really liked it that much, but I'm gonna stay with it a little longer, but their inconsistent release schedule is bothering me. I think my main problem with the book is just that I had more of a connection to Kyle than I do Hal. I guess that speaks of my age, because I was around 15 or so when Hal was removed.

Mark Fossen said...

I really try to stick with one cover, and I'll be buying Perez all the way. I was born in '70 .. a Crisis isn't a Crisis without Perez.

I'm still not sure on Green Lantern, though I'll probably give it at least another issue. You're right about the release schedule ... where is the next issue?

My main problem with the book was that I kept falling alseep in the first arc. :)

Kyle always felt like an impostor to me - Hal's the real deal. Heck, even Wally feels like a "new kid on the block", as far as I'm concerned.

Jeffrey said...

I especially love the shot of Ralph and Sue together at the top left corner.

Kevin said...

I think DC could do well with a All-star Flash title with Barry Allen if they wanted to do it. I personally have no experience with Barry Allen as Flash except for old back issues and old TV shows. I started reading comics in 1986 after the Crisis, the Man of Steel mini was my first comics I bought. I was 8.

I would love to read a continuing series about Barry Allen outside the current continuity stream. I think that is why I am giving Green Lantern a chance. I read Hal Jordan comics in the 80's and early 90's but he was never my favorite character. I'm hanging in with the title for the first 12 just because I like the chance to read about him. I'm glad they are keeping Rayner involved with the Recharge mini.

By the way, I think GL #6 finally comes out today.

Mark Fossen said...

GL #6???

I don't even have #5 ... did I miss one?

Kevin said...

My bad, #5. See how hard it is to keep up with this schedule!!!!

zack soto said...

I almost bought the new Escapist to get my hands on some of that sweet, sweet Phillip Bond artwork, but I couldn't quite justify it for the reasons you list.

Mark Fossen said...

zack -

They didn't have it in stock, but are ordering me another copy. I figure ... BKV is starting a new ongoing, and when was the last one that went wrong? I've come in late on all his stuff, and don't want to miss the train again.

Plus - it's only $9 every 3 months.