Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Focused Linkblogging

  • Guy LeCharles Gonzalez fans the flames of what seems to be a new round of the Indy/Capes War:

    MEMO TO THE COMICS BLOGIVERSE: Stop trying to tell people that what they read sucks, and what you read is far superior!

    I enjoy talking about what I enjoy, but don't really feel any great need to chastise anyone else's tastes, knowing full well the glassy qualities of the house in which I live. If you want to say someone shouldn't read Superman because Super-F*ckers is so much better ... someone going to eventually come along and throw Joyce and Pynchon and Tolstoy in your face. And then you'll be sorry. To be clear on Guy's stance ... his weekly review of releases exhorts readers to "try something new EVERY month" and covers the full range of stuff both big and small. Ian and Neilalien have both commented recently on much the same topics ... maybe it's just embers that glow from time to time, a fire that never really goes out.

  • Speaking of Ian and His Magnificent Building of Brill ... I love the new addition to his sidebar, as he solicits comments. I completely agree with him:

    A Few Words on Comments
    This being a blog written by one person, I have no editor or co-writers to bounce ideas off of or to challenge me to write better. What I do have are you readers, all of whom I appreciate immensely. You have an opportunity to give yourself a voice her in the handy-dandy Haloscan comments section. I urge you to take advantage of it. For the longer and more thoughtful pieces I write here I don't feel the post is complete unless there has been a discussion about it's ideas with people all learning something from one another. Don't think your idea isn't smart enough or good enough. I can assure you it will look fine compared to the way I write. There's no reason that you have to post a comment but I do think it improves this blog and the discussion of comics as a whole if a group of people are challenging and working over the points made by one commentator. Don't worry about writing something negative (as long as it's reasonable and polite) because those are the comments that I like the best! They force me to think about how I can improve this blog and improve myself as a writer. So if you have something to say, say it!

  • DC's Solicitations for February are up, and the outcomes of the Infinite Crisis can start to be seen.

  • New To The Blogroll: Heidi Meeley's Comics Fairplay, off Kurt's "Honor Roll" where he mentioned an interesting thread on pretention in comics blogging. As the father of two girls to whom I am trying to introduce comics, I also really like her series on "Up and Coming Females".


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Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Not surprisingly, Neilalien says what I meant a lot better than I did. And your comments on Brill's post were right on the money. (Thanks for the link!)