Tuesday, November 01, 2005

This Week's Shopping List: November 2, 2005

With luck, nothing will come up to prevent my Wednesday pilgrimage to 2005 Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award Winning Night Flight Comics.

There's no doubt that the Most Anticipated Book this week is the start of the latest miniseries in the Seven Soldiers project: The Bulleteer. Desolation Jones comes in a close second. Jonah Hex should be fun, though Loveless didn't exactly kick off this Western revival with a bang.

House of M finally comes to a close, just as it seemed to hit a stride in #7. One could argue that in an eight issue miniseries, you should hit your stride somewhere before the penultimate issue. One would be right. The Spider-Man: House Of M also finished, and while I enjoyed this Waid/Peyer Spidey, I still can't figure where it fits in the continuity of the main series. There are few rules to this kind of thing ... but if you are spinning out of one central storyline, it's a rule that you try to keep up with it's continuity.

I will probably waffle on the Chosen TPB that hits this week, as I did with Sunset City last week. With manga or the new DC reprints also available at the same pricepoint, a slim volume is a hard sell. I like Millar a lot, though, and missed Chosen's initial release.

  • Desolation Jones #4
  • Firestorm #19
  • Jonah Hex #1
  • JSA #79
  • Outsiders #30
  • Seven Soldiers: The Bulleteer #1
  • Superman #223
  • House Of M #8
  • Spider-Man: House Of M #5
  • Chosen TP

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