Friday, November 11, 2005

Focused Linkblogging (The Infinite Crisis Edition)

  • Devin Grayson goes in depth on what Infinite Crisis has done to her run on Nightwing. It's a fascinating look at the realities of working in corporate comics, but I can't help but wonder if she's telling tales out of school. To reveal the details of editorial interference is, sadly, pretty common in comics. But to do it about your currect/future employer? And to emphasize that your current work is a mess, and not what you intended at all? Is that really wise?

  • I don't usually link to message board posts, but here you go (spoilers for Infinite Crisis). I think it's a great take on what could be happening in Infinite Crisis, though I fear Jog will end up right.

  • Speculation may be ended, though. Unless you want an extremely strong indication of how Infinite Crisis resolves itself ... avoid reading "Paul Levitz: JSA's New, Old Guy" at Newsarama. They keep things so quiet for so long, and this is how the proverbial cat escapes the proverbial bag?


Kevin said...

Wow, very interesting Devin Grayson interview there. Thanks for posting it. I have been reading the Nightwing title since the first issue and one of my favorite things about it has been pretty much two authors, Dixon and Grayson. Now we learn Grayson is off the title soon. She definitely gave the book a different direction than Dixon. I like both authors' run on the title. Seems that she is hinting that Nightwing will have a major change in his life after IC, since it seems DC is altering her stories and not taking her suggestions. Hmmm. Interesting indeed. Nightwing is my second favorite character behind Superman, so I'm hoping he doesn't get taken too far off track. It will be fun to see what happens though.

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Not sure if the Grayson interview confirms rumors about Dick taking over as Batman or not, but it certainly doesn't sound like a status quo move.

As for the Levitz interview, my eyes glazed over halfway through and I couldn't pick up what you referring to after skimming the rest. Cliff Notes, please!

Mark Fossen said...

Sorry, Guy. I could have been clearer.

It's in the art. There are previews of the OYL JSA issues, and a few characters in that lineup give a real strong-like indication of how things resolve.