Monday, December 12, 2005

Comic Bloggers' Poll 2005

As the end of the year approaches, I found myself idly considering some sort of blogger-driven awards. I really liked the Squiddies (are they still active?), and hoped there would be something like that culled from the minds that populate my blogroll.

Chris Tamarri, of Crisis/Boring Change read my mind and created the Comic Bloggers' Poll 2005 where the whole of the WeboComicsBlogoNet can get together and vote on some year end awards. I plan to participate, and hope this becomes the start of a new tradition.

The awards come out mid-January, but if you are a blogger (or just interested in the process and results), check out the Comic Bloggers' Poll 2005.

Thanks for doing this, Chris!



Chris Tamarri said...

No problem, Mark. Thank you for the support.

Spencer Carnage said...

Is there a category for all around kick ass dude? If there was, I'd nominate you for that.

Mark Fossen said...

LOL! Thanks!

It's voting on comics, not bloggers themselves. I'll leave judging online commentary to others, and just focus on comics.

Come on along, Spencer! It's just about getting all us comics bloggers to chime in and have some sort of consensus about the best books of the year.