Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Focused Linkblogging

  • For those concerned about the Comic Weblog-A-Tron 3000. It's caused by being down, and I finally found some information on that. Speaking as a typical web developer ... it's your typical web developer "Real Soon Now". But they're working on it. Seems like posting some info on itself would make sense, but I suppose burying it in a Yahoo! Group works just as well.

  • Brian Cronin, thank you for your Fred Van Lente Day gift of a really great review. Informative, well-written, funny, and it pointed me to a book I should be reading.

  • I spent a long time in the world of gaming, and believe that can aspire to art. So I really enjoyed this essay by Chris Butcher on "Music, Video Games, Comics". He runs through a lot of great little ideas. I particularly liked the points on games as "fiction suits", his MMORPG observation, and his commentary on Scott Pilgrim.


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