Monday, December 05, 2005

Focused Linkblogging

  • Burns, Seth, Spiegelman and Ware doing covers for Penguin Classics? As in Candide with a cover by Chris Ware? .... I'm trying to be wittier than 'Wow. Cool.'

    I can't manage it.

    Wow. Cool.

  • I'm not adding anything new to the WeboComicsBlogoNet by linkblogging the announcement that the Marvel/King Dark Tower is being delayed. I am also not adding anything new by saying I think that's a good idea: using this as an outreach project is challenge enough, any delays after the first issue ships would be disastrous. Get it in the can, and be ready to roll out the marketing heavy when (and only when) "monthly" really means "once each month". Glad to see they've learned something from the Kevin Smith debacle.

  • Captain Carrot is coming back. I loved Captain Carrot, and vividly remember reading the preview tucked in the middle of New Teen Titans #16 back in Ye Olde Dayes. I'm not sure using the Zoo Crew to do "a parody of 'Watchmen' and 'Dark Knight' and their fallout" is saying anything that hasn't been said a lot in the intervening 20 years .... but beggars have limited choosing ability. I'll happily take the Zoo Crew in any way I can get 'em.

  • Happy Two Year Blogoversary to Mike Sterling! Two years? ... That's like 43 in blog years....


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Mikester said...

I was going to say "I feel 43," but, um, that's not really too far off from my actual age. (gulp)

Thanks for the kind words, Mark!