Thursday, December 01, 2005

Focused Linkblogging

  • I'm not a stamp collector ... but these look cool. I wonder if they'll make a poster. Or maybe I could just frame a sheet. It's pretty seldom I actually use a stamp these days, so it's all about the display possibilities for me.

  • My collection is starting to grow, and the organization freak in me is beginning to stir. I need to get some database action going, and just ran across Anyone have any experience with this? I won't spend the cash for a full program, since I could build one myself quickly and easily. I like the idea of an accessible-from-anywhere free website, but am a bit concerned at putting all that work into a site that could fold at any minute. There appears to be some sort of Excel export, so that's a comforting factor. If anyone hase experience with the site, please leave a comment. If not, I'll make sure to report here if/when I sign up.

  • Christmas is coming! If the Christmas Covers at Yet Another Comics Blog don't get you in the spirit, how about free manga? The Love Manga Advent Competition has kicked off, and offers you daily opportunities to get free manga. The questions are tough and will test your manga knowledge and/or your google-fu. Myself, I'm waiting for a softball question. My google-fu is strong, but I'll hold off and see if I an actually answer one without cheating.

  • Devon and Scipio join forces to eradicate evil. They also play music, review comics, host discussions, and sell things. But it's mainly about the evil-eradicating.



Shane Bailey said...

I need to work on some kind of database or indexing system for my comics as well. Let me know if you have any luck with that site. I'm not too familiar with Excel myself.

Kevin said...

I've seen that site before but never used it. I got turned off when it asked for my password when signing up and didn't even encrypt it.

I've been using a program called CollectorZ. It is just a database program. I wish it would be linked to some kind of online DB but the online ones I've seen, like, aren't always up to date anyways. So it is your responsibility to add your comics each week and the cover images if you choose.

I thought about writing a simple DB myself for it, but never got around to it. I would start them, but then get sidetracked with something else. I finally broke down and paid the $20 for the full version of CollectorZ. Maybe one day I will still write my own that would be more to my liking and have everything I want, but I doubt it. CollectorZ seems to offer pretty much everything I want as a offline database. It would be near perfect if it were tied to a database somewhere so I could search for a comic to add to my collection instead of entering them by hand. But if I wrote my own, I'd have to do that anyway I suppose.

Kurt said...

I'm very curious about this as well, but I was turned off by the typo right there in the logo. ("Known what's in your long box." - sheesh.) Petty, but I can't help it.

Mark Fossen said...

I didn't even notice the misspelling, Kurt. Good catch! :)