Monday, December 05, 2005

Elk's Run Giveaway Contest Update! New Winners!

OK - I have good news and bad news for the winners of the Elk's Run Giveaway Contest.

Bad News: Late.
Good News: More Free Books.

The Grand Prize Winner should already have his Elk's Run Bumper Edition, but my shipment of the individual issues from Hoarse And Buggy got eaten by a stray tumbleweed, or something. We have large tumbleweeds here in Eagle Mountain.

Anyways, the good folks there (Chris and Joshua) not only got me a replacement for my order, but included extras. Lots of extras. Not only will both the First Prize Winners get the first three issues (instead of just #1) .... but I am adding three new first-prize winners. They've been emailed to let them know their good fortune.

All these will go out before the end of the week. Since Elk's Run #4 should hit stores the 14th, you'll be all caught up.

Thanks to Chris, Joshua, and all the hepcats at Hoarse And Buggy for being generally cool people.

New First Prize Winners - Elk's Run #1-3
William B.
Lelon S.
Steve M.



Anonymous said...

Woo--eee! You made my day!

Bill Burns

Steve Mohundro said...

Whoa, thanks! said...

I did indeed get my Bumper Edition on Friday. Good stuff. Thanks, Mark!