Thursday, December 22, 2005

Thank You, Caveman Robot!

Thank you for offering easy-click ordering on your website.

Thank you for this deal on your website, where I can get two books shipped for four bucks:

Caveman Robot Chapter One- Welcome to Monumenta - with stunning full-color artwork masterfully done by Joe Infurnari story by Britton Walters and Jason Robert Bell with Joe Infurnari. Plus a one pager by none other than Scott Shaw! 32 pages only $2.50
And a double book OOLAR! Stories from the Wild World of CAVEMAN ROBOT and TETRAGRAMMATRON ONE WITH TWO! 44 pages of black and white madness by Britton Walters, Jason Robert Bell, Shoshanna Weinberger, Luc Thomas, Chris Wisnias and Greg Cook only $1.50-
Order via Paypal and get both for only 3 dollars plus 1 dollar for shipping within the USA!

Thank you for sending my order quickly, and with a sketch on the envelope!

Thank you for Ape Lincoln, the most loquacious simian in years and years.

Thank you for your kind invitation to the Caveman Robot Evil-Smashers Auxiliary!

Thank you

And finally, thank you for a damn fun comic.


zilla said...

dude mark where the hell did you hear about this comic? tell me a little bit about it... i'm interested on your review and screen shots alone for more info! thanks partner...

Mark Fossen said...

I read something in the comments at BeaucoupKevin, to start. Then he gave a short review.

If I know your tastes, Zilla ... I think you'd dig the hell out of this.

Kevin Church said...

Yes, Zilla and everyone else should read this.

And you totally have to get the Amusing Stuffed Likeness of Caveman Robot.

Shane Bailey said...

I ordered this right after reading the post. :)

Mark Fossen said...

That's great, Shane.

It's a fun book. It's not going to leave you pondering the mysteries of Art and Life, but it's a damn funread.

Joe Infurnari said...

Thanks for your support, yooguys! Big thanks to you, Mark Fossen, for being such a shining member of the Caveman Robot Evil Smasher's Auxiliary! You have certainly earned a promotion within the ranks for being such a wonderful advocate of this book! Check out the blog for the upcoming Caveman Robot musical, here: