Friday, December 16, 2005

Focused Linkblogging

  • I really enjoyed Johanna's post on "Online Comic Fandom in 1995". I came into r.a.c.* just a bit after that, and the whole piece was a nice trip down memory lane for me. It also captures a segment of the 'net before AOL allowed it's members on the internet and everything changed for good.

  • Guy LeCharles Gonzalez gives some background on his excellent piece on Speakeasy and the state of comics journalism in general in "Who Cares About Journalism?"

  • Jason Rodriguez' latest "Here's The Thing ..." is the last of its run. Doesn't that make it a collector's item? Should I leave it in the sealed polybag to pay for my kids' college education? ... Luckily, like all the recent DC Comics cancellations a reboot is just around the corner. Look for Here's the Thing: Sword Of Washington, DC next year ...

  • Sometimes I cheat and use these linkblogs for questions, because I'm a maverick. Like Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon, except with comics blogging instead of guns. My question is for my fellow manga readers ... how do you read series? I keep hopping around, trying a volume from Series A, a volume from Series B, etc. Is that the norm? Or do people usually head through all X volumes of a series in one fell swoop?



Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

I'm still just getting my feet wet in the manga realm, but I think once I find a series that really clicks for me, I'd focus on reading it all the way through. ie: Dead End grabbed my attention with Vol. 1 and I snatched up Vol. 2 as soon as it came out, and I'll do the same with Vol. 3. Not unlike some long-running American comics, though, I've been a bit intimated by some of the more popular manga series that are already up to Vol. 6 and higher.

Christopher Butcher said...

I jump around all over the place, but once I fall behind on a series I'll usually just wait, and read 6-7 volumes in a row right up to the end.

David Welsh said...

I jump around, too, though if I really like a title, I catch up and start picking up new digests as they're released. Then, during the gaps between new chapters of favorites, I'll try something new or catch up on a title that I like but don't feel particularly desparate to read right away.